Potential Problems a Vet May Find in Elderly Cats

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As pets get older, they need to see the vet a bit more often, just like people do. Making sure that you maintain a regular schedule of check-ups can help to find problems like the following early, allowing your vet the opportune chance to treat it. With proper treatment, a cat's life can be comfortably protected and extended, but if help comes too late or not at all, these conditions may be life-threatening. 

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a problem that some cats develop later on in life. Like with humans, it's often due to arteries stiffening with age, making it harder for blood to move through. In some cats, it can also be a secondary symptom of a problem like kidney disease.

Regardless of the cause, high blood pressure can cause a lot of problems for a cat. As you likely know, high blood pressure is bad for your health, and the same is true for cats. It increases their risk of overall cardiovascular disease and can even cause blindness. The good news is that high blood pressure is very treatable in cats, even if it's due to something like kidney disease.

Kidney Disease

On the subject of kidney disease, this is another condition that regular blood test screenings at vet appointments can spot before symptoms appear. Kidney disease is an unfortunately common problem for cats, and it's ultimately fatal. However, with treatment, cats can live much longer and happier lives.

Kidney disease symptoms include things like excessive urination and appetite loss. But by the time these symptoms develop, most cats will have already suffered a significant amount of damage to their kidneys. Finding it via a blood test early on helps your vet to use treatments to protect the kidneys for longer.

Heart Murmur/Failure

Finally, heart failure is an unfortunate problem that pets can develop in old age, including cats. Many cats develop heart murmurs in their lives that don't cause any problems in their youth but can transition into something dangerous later in life. Excess fluid can form around the heart, which can again cause major issues. However, medication and diet changes can help.

If your kitty is a little older these days, it's time to a veterinarian clinic for a wellness checkup. It might be a little worrisome, but by finding any of these issues early on, you'll be helping your cat to live comfortably and for longer, so don't wait.