4 Times You Need To Take Your Pet Straight To The Emergency Vet

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When you have a pet, it is important to know when to take your pet to the vet because they are likely facing an emergency situation and need treatments right away. With some medical conditions, your pet can't wait to get treatment.


If your pet has a tiny little cut, you can usually put gauze on it, and the bleeding stops right away; your pet is okay. If your pet is bleeding excessively from its nose, mouth, or rectum, or if they have a deep cut, you are going to want to get medical assistance for your pet right away. If you can't stop the blood within a few minutes, you will want to take your pet to the vet right away.

If you ever see blood in your pet's urine or stool, that is typically a sign they are experiencing internal bleeding and need immediate medical attention.


If you see your pet having a seizure, don't try to grab them during the seizure. Instead, move anything away from the area where your pet is and ensure that they don't hit anything else. When your pet seizes, their jaw can lock up, so don't get anywhere near their mouth when they are seizing.

After the seizure subsides, you will want to bundle your pet up and get them to the vet. A seizure is a sign of a serious medical condition, and you will want to figure out what is happening.

Breathing Issues

If you ever notice that your pet cannot breathe and catch its breath, you will want to get help. It is normal for your pet to pant after they have been outside in the heat or been exercising. However, if your pet is wheezing and seems to be in respiratory distress, you are going to want to get assistance right away.


If you know that your pet ingested something that they shouldn't have eaten, you are going to want to get help right away. If you know your pet ate food that is dangerous to them or eat a plant they shouldn't or ingested chemicals, you will want to call an animal poison control line to get immediate help and then transport your pet to the vet when appropriate.

If your pet is bleeding profusely, has experienced a seizure, has breathing issues, or ingested something that is poisonous, you are going to want to take them to the emergency vet. All four of those situations are not times where you can wait for normal business hours; you need to get help right away to save your pet's life or avoid serious side effects.

Reach out to a local emergency vet service, such as South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, if you notice any of the above signs.