3 Tips That Can Help Your Dog In An Emergency

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In a typical emergency, you would call 911, but when it comes to your dog, you can't exactly do that. You are the emergency responder for your dog, and they are relying on you to get them the help they need. If your dog needs help in an emergency situation, you're going to need some information on what to do. Read on for helpful tips that can help you assist your dog and get them to an emergency veterinary clinic.

1. Stabilize And Calm Your Dog

If your dog is hurt in any way, you need to be sure to stop the bleeding or do something to help control the bleeding. To do this, you're going to need clean towels and someone helping to hold the towel in place to apply pressure to the wound. If your dog has a broken leg or some other type of break, keep your dog steady and lying down. This is also going to require you to have another person with you as well to help you keep your dog calm.

2. Assess The Situation

You need to assess your dog and the situation that is surrounding your dog to help them. If your dog was injured by another dog or another animal, you need to figure out what type of animal caused the injuries. If it was a wild animal, the other dog could have had rabies or some other type of disease. If your dog was hit by a car, they could have possible internal injuries in addition to a limp or a broken leg. This is information that could help your dog and should be provided to the emergency veterinarian.

3. Figure Out What Your Dog Ingested

If your dog is not acting properly or is vomiting or lethargic, it may be because they have ingested something they shouldn't have. If they have, you're going to need to figure out what that may be. Take a look around to see if you can find what they got into. You may have to look through their vomit for clues or through their feces to see if there are any clues there. Whatever you find, report it to the veterinarian.

In any of these situations, your dog is going to need help immediately. Call your veterinarian, but if your regular veterinarian isn't available, you need to get your dog to an ER veterinary clinic to get your dog the help they need.