5 Ways To Comfort Your Pet When They Get Their Vaccinations

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Not all pets enjoy getting their vaccination shots. If your pet doesn't enjoy going to the veterinary office to get their shots, there are techniques you can use to help soothe your pet when they are getting treated.

Way #1: Give Your Pet Extra Attention

When you take your pet in to get their vaccinations, you need to be prepared to give you pet extra attention. Hold your pet and cuddle with them. Treat it like a movie night, where you allow your pet to cuddle up on the couch with you. Close contact can be comforting for your pet and will help them get through the discomfort from the shots.

Way #2: Bring Your Pet's Favorite Blanket

Make your pet as comfortable as possible by bringing their favorite blanket. Many pets do not like the unfamiliarity of a vet's office and the presence of so many other animals. A blanket that your pet can cuddle up with will make an unfamiliar space feel more welcoming.

Way #3: Bring Your Pet's Favorite Toy

Next, you are going to want to bring your pet's favorite toy. This can give them something to play with as they wait in their carrier for their shots. It can also be a great way to distract your pet as they are getting their shot.

Way #4: Offer Your Pet Treats

You reward your pet when they do something right, making treats great for this type of situation. Praise your pet for staying still when they are supposed to and give them treats to encourage the behavior you need from your pet. Getting rewarded with special treats will also calm your pet down and help them stay focused. It can also help make going to the vet a more positive experience, so hopefully, your pet will not fight going to the vet the next time they need care.

Way #5: Distract Your Pet

Finally, just try to distract your pet. You know your pet the best, and you know what will distract them. Maybe your pet likes to be petted on their belly, or perhaps they are captivated looking into a mirror, or maybe they seem to relax when you play certain music. Use what you know about your pet to distract them and help make the process of getting their vaccinations as easy as possible for everyone.

Help your pet get through the process of being vaccinated by giving them extra attention and bring your pet's favorite items to distract them with. Give your pet some extra treats, and work to distract your pet.

Talk to your vet if your pet needs extra help with pet vaccinations.